Sound is emptiness. Emptiness is sound.

Every creation has its own song. Its own harmonic vibration.

To live fully. To feel our most powerful vitality, to be resilient and to regenerate our lives, we must sing our own songs. And, when we do, we join in the great symphony of all of life, from the plants to the stars, in our neighborhood, and throughout the universe. When we connect to our music, we magnify our personal and collective power, joy and love.

I offer my sound portraits, custom compositions, and music and meditation experiences, to help you connect to your core self and to the profound ground of being which connects us all.

Please learn more about these offerings to nourish your body, mind, heart and soul and community. In these times, music is a great elixir, a great cohering force for health and transformation. I share my music with people around the world, remotely via phone or Skype. I also share events  live in North Carolina, Vermont, Massachusetts and Los Angeles, and in more places, by request.

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