Interactive Music Meditation Experiences.

Timeless wisdom tells us that sound and music are powerful tools for supporting our connection to our souls, to each other, and to the Divine.  As a pianist, harpist, singer/song-leader, I facilitate shared experiences of sound. I AM a Harmonic Facilitator. medretreat21

Rumi says: “Out beyond ideas of wrongdoing and rightdoing there is a field.
I’ll meet you there.”

Music is a wonderful way to connect to that field beyond. In doing so, we experience our connection to the universe within ourselves and all others.

Experiences together with sound may be purely improvisational!

We may sing to the solar eclipse; jam to a soundtrack of the sea; share our wishes for our nation with new mantras; or create a piece together for the crisis in our community at this moment! yoga-402634_1280

Experiences together with sound may be carefully planned!

Together, we may choose 10 songs about peace and justice, or the five senses, and agree to sing or play them together with general rules which we have agreed to!

Sometimes, I offer music to alternate with meditation and dialogue, to support contemplation and community.

Sometimes, we play for celebration and joy, and protest and democracy. Whatever is needed!

“Your music is radiant.”

“As soon as you started speaking, the room was filled with spirit.”

“I felt a powerful force behind your music and had a profound physical healing.”

“When you played music for harmonizing the body, I felt a strong feminine presence, the Divine Feminine, Mother Earth. It was a gentle and strong and so healing.”

“After two hours, I felt as if I had had a fantastic massage.”

“After hearing your music, my meditation went deeper and deeper.”

“You invited us to listen deeply and I had visions that were so meaningful to me.”

“When you played the music from daisies, my head was filled with visions of fields of yellow daisies. Yellow. Gold. Abundance.”