Sound Portraits


Sound portraits are custom musical offerings which arise in one-to-one or group sessions for healing, insight and or support for creativity, collaboration or contemplative practice.

  • We connect in a place of meditation.
  • You share your momentary intention for the potential benefits of this session.
  • From that space, music arises, performed on piano and or harp.
  • The music is recorded simultaneously.
  • When the music ends, additional insights may arise.
  • You take the recording home.
  • Upon subsequent listenings, you may gain support for meditation, creativity and additional insight.

Sound portraits can be conducted in person or via skype. You can schedule an appointment for a Sound Portrait here.

“During my sound portrait, I had a profound experience, much like a great chiropractic session, in which contracted places in my body, suddenly were released. I came to a place of peace.”

N.K., MA

“I have gone to tens of sound healing events in the greater Los Angeles area.  When Cheryl plays, I experience a deep connection to my spirit. It is powerful.”  

C.C. LA, CA.

“I had never had an experience with music which was intended to connect me with a deeper place within me.  I had visions.  I had never had anything like that before. I came away with real insights.”

K.G. LA, CA.

“When Cheryl gave me a Sound Portrait, I experienced very deep meditation and peace. No big magic show. I will take peace.”  

L.O. Sherborne, MA.

“When Cheryl received musical medicine for transformation, I had flashbacks to all the major life events when I had shifts in my awareness. And, then, they all became integrated and I felt a deep coming together.”

B.G.  Malibu, CA.

“Beyond that, I believe that our entire future depends upon the enhanced capacities for greater interest in, and appreciation for the higher powers we all embody, but are typically asleep to. This new developmental art, I am convinced, can help us awaken to just these possibilities. Surely, this is a gift from the future, arriving now.”

A.L, NY.

“I am immensely grateful for the Sound Portrait which Cheryl has composed for me. Listening to it regularly has become a meditative practice, which enables me to connect to myself—and thereby to everyone and everything else—in a new, expanded way. Its message seems inexhaustible and ever fresh. A source of confidence and peace.”